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    The Real World App Portal

    What Is The Real World App?

    The Real World App by Andrew Tate is a world-class, hyper-advanced custom-built learning application you can access from anywhere in the world by using your mobile or desktop.

    The Real World App Download

    You can download and join The Real World Portal App on desktop and mobile.

    Choose the one you want to download below.

    The Real World Mobile Apps

    Tate’s The Real World is ready for your mobile! Get it on Android and iOS. With it on your phone, you can learn anytime, anywhere.

    The TRW apps are built in a way that you create them via the browser, and not have to download them via any kind of application store. This ensures a smoother and streamlined experienced with automatic updates while doing nothing.

    If you have an app you downloaded from either App Store or Play Store – delete it, it’s outdated.

    Download The Real World App on iOS

    How to install TRW on your iOS device:

    1. Go on Safari Browser (Only Browser)
    2. Go to Login Page
    3. Click Share
    4. Press “Add to home screen”
    5. This will generate an app icon on your Home Screen

    Download The Real World App on Android

    How to install TRW on your Android device:

    1. Go on your browser (Chrome is better)
    2. Go to
    3. Click Menu
    4. Press “Add to home screen”
    5. This will generate an app icon on your Home Screen

    Note: For Android – it could be ‘Install’ instead of ‘Save to Home Screen’.

    The Real World Desktop Apps

    The Real World desktop version is now available for download.

    You can do so much more with increased performance compared to the browser version.

    Download The Real World App for Mac OS X

    How to install TRW on your MAC device:

    1. Click Download

    2. Find Downloads Folder – The folder will be next to the Trash Can

    3. Open the zip file

    open the zip file on mac

    4. Open the Unzipped File in Downloads

    open the unzipped file on mac

    5. Drag The Real World Icon to Applications

    drag the real world icon on mac

    6. Open Finder

    open finder on mac

    7. Within Finder Go to Applications and Locate The Real World App

    Locate The Real World App

    8. Drag the App to Homescreen and Open It

    drag the app to home screen on mac

    9. Upon Opening You Will See The Following Message

    10. Click The Apple menu

    click the apple menu on mac

    11. Go to System Settings, then click Privacy & Security in the sidebar (you may need to scroll down)

    go to system settings on mac

    12. Scroll Down To Security. You will see the following message about The Real World

    13. Click Open Anyway

    14. Click Open Once More

    Download The Real World App for Windows

    How to install TRW on your Windows device:

    1. Click Download

    2. Go to Downloads and click File

    the real world windows zip file

    3. Save

    4. Go to the Compressed (Zipped) Folder and Extract The Files

    5. Open the Unzipped Folder

    Open the Unzipped Folder

    6. Navigate to > x64

    Navigate to

    7. Click the file The Real World-1-9.80 Setup

    Click the file The Real World files

    8. This Window Should Appear – Click Run Anyway

    Click Run Anyway

    9. The Login Page Should Appear

    the real world login page appear

    The Real World App Review

    If you are unsure about downloading TRW App, you can read the reviews here.


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