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The Real World Tate Review 2024 – Truth Revealed!

    the real world tate review

    The Real World by Andrew Tate is a practical guide to achieving success in business and life.

    Tate, a self-made millionaire and renowned entrepreneur, presents a straightforward approach to building wealth and creating the life you desire.

    His practical advice makes The Real World a valuable resource for anyone looking to break free from the traditional 9-5 grind and pursue their dreams of financial independence.

    With a mindset, strategy, and action, Tate covers all the essentials for becoming a successful hustler in today’s competitive world.

    Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a seasoned business professional, The Real World Tate offers valuable insights and actionable steps for reaching your full potential.

    This in-depth The Real World review aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of what this portal offers, its pros and cons, and real user experiences.

    Table of Contents

    The Real World University Overview

    • Easy-to-follow program for financial success
    • Quickly learn new high income skills
    • Advanced learning application
    • Access to Multimillionaires in your pocket
    • World-class custom built learning app
    • Get from Zero to $10k/month as fast as possible
    • Master the skills you need to maximize your income
    • Make like-minded friends on your journey
    • Network with 350,000+ people on the same mission

    What Is The Real World Tate?

    The Real World (TRW) is an online school created by Andrew Tate. It teaches people how to make money using more than 10 different online business ideas.

    There are 12 teachers in this school, and each one is really good at what they teach because they’ve made a lot of money doing it themselves.

    This school is great for both beginners who are just starting to learn about making money online and experts who want to pick up new tips and tricks.

    TRW, also called The Real World, is designed so everyone can find something that fits them, no matter how much money they have or how busy they are.

    The Real World is a really advanced online global community of like-minded individuals that want more from this life.

    Who Is Andrew Tate?

    Andrew Tate is a former World Champion Kickboxer, a multi-millionaire, entrepreneur, and content creator, who founded The Real World, a platform that is not like any traditional education systems.

    He experienced a childhood with financial struggles but has since transformed into a multi-millionaire.

    Andrew “Cobra” Tate dedicates himself to teaching those who are willing to learn the secrets of modern wealth creation.

    Who Is Tristan Tate?

    Tristan Tate is the brother of Andrew Tate, who’s also known as “The Talisman.”

    He’s got lots of fans because he gives really strong speeches, shares amazing stuff that lifts people up, and has his own way of helping people get better at life stuff.

    Tristan is pretty well-known for being super friendly and good at talking to all kinds of people.

    He uses his social media and events to spread good vibes, encouraging people to keep going and be tough, helping them beat tough times and reach their dreams.

    The Real World vs Hustlers University

    hustlers university the real world

    The Real World, often referred to as Hustlers University, is Andrew Tate’s latest modern educational platform for individuals that wish to achieve financial freedom. It evolved from an earlier course called Hustlers University, which was initially run on a Discord server.

    Andrew Tate moved from this platform to create The Real World, a more feature-rich course hosted independently.

    There were different versions of HU, like Hustlers University 2.0, 3.0, and 4.0.

    After being banned from social media, Andrew Tate built something new and more resilient.

    The Real World is hosted on its own servers, uses its own payment system, and is licensed to handle its finances independently.

    This new platform also includes a lot of valuable new content for the students.

    What Does The Real World Teach?

    Whenever a groundbreaking technology transforms an industry, THE REAL WORLD will be the premier and exclusive destination to learn how to capitalize on it.

    In this exclusive community you will have private access to:

    • E-commerce and Dropshipping Campus

    • Freelancing Campus

    • Copywriting Campus
    • Stocks / Options Campus

    • Crypto / NFT’s Campus

    • Business and Finance Campus

    • Content Creation + AI Campus

    • Affiliate Marketing Campus

    • Fitness / Nutrition Campus

    • The Real World app

    • and much, much more

    E-commerce and Dropshipping

    the real world ecommerce campus

    Learn to sell successful products on the internet. Skilled professionals will guide you in discovering top-selling items, setting up an ideal online store, and attracting visitors to your websites.

    Professor: Shuayb


    the real world client acquisition

    Learn how to get paid with premium prices for completing simple tasks, and discover the most efficient strategies to build a list of loyal clients.

    Professor: Dylan Madden


    the real world copywriting campus

    Become an expert in persuasive writing with a straightforward guide to mastering copywriting skills and acquiring a roster of well-paying clients.

    Professor: Andrew Bass


    the real world stocks campus

    Increase your investments in the stock market. You will learn how to use technical analysis to identify opportunities where the potential for gain is greater than the risk.

    Professor: Aayush


    the real world crypto campus

    Earn from the most lucrative assets globally. Target cryptocurrency markets from three perspectives: long-term, medium-term, and short-term strategies.

    Professor: Adam, Michael, Silard

    Business & Finance

    the real world business campus

    Learn the essential skills of business. You will be taught every ability the hyper successful entrepreneur of the future needs to master.

    Professor: Arno Wingen

    Content Creation + AI

    the real world content creation campus

    In today’s digital era, websites can be more valuable than skyscrapers, and videos more valuable than houses. You will be taught how to craft valuable digital assets and master the art of selling them in this digital age.

    Professor: P.O.P.E

    Affiliate Marketing

    the real world affiliate marketing campus

    Currently, the Affiliate Marketing Campus is not open to every Real World Students.

    If you are interested in becoming an affiliate for The Real World, it is strongly advised to join The Real World when the professors are ready to accept new students.

    Professor: Luc Tate

    Fitness and Health

    the real world fitness and health campus

    The fitness and health professor teaches students inside The Real World how to be in shape, nutrition and health secrets.

    Professor: Alex

    How To Join The Real World Official?

    You can join The Real World by using the official website link here.

    After you pay your Real World membership, you will be able to create an account on the TRW portal in a few seconds.

    The Real World Reviews

    the real world students reviews

    Their modern and pragmatic teaching approach has empowered tens of thousands of their students to generate income from any corner of the globe.

    The courses cover large topics including marketing, sales, finance, mindset and leadership, and students appreciate the easy and fast learning experience.

    Overall, The Real World has many positive reviews, with thousands of students expressing gratitude for the knowledge and skills they have gained from Andrew Tate’s program.

    Is The Real World Legit?

    Yes, The Real World is legit and a lot of people like. It’s really good for someone who’s just starting to learn how to make money on the internet but also for business owners. Plus, it doesn’t cost a lot, especially when you compare it to other courses out there that can be really expensive.

    The program claims to offer a comprehensive education in entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal development, promising to help individuals achieve financial success and freedom. As with any investment in education or personal development, it is important for individuals to conduct thorough research and consider their own goals and expectations before enrolling in TRW or any similar program.

    The Real World University Price

    The Real World costs $49 per month. It’s a monthly subscription that you can cancel anytime.

    Your payment is secured and you can pay using a credit/debit card and even crypto.

    There are also other payment methods for those who may encounter issues with their card payment.

    TRW Plans And Payment Methods

    There are 3 payment plans in the real world and 2 payment methods.

    You can choose the one that suits you by clicking here.

    1. If you are using a card you will pay $49 monthly

    2. For crypto payments, you have to option to pay $250 for 6 months or $850 for 2 years.

    If you choose the 2 years plan, you will earn a special rank inside TRW, called “Champions“, and you will get exclusive features such as maximum daily coins, special emergency broadcasts, champions-only chat rooms, exclusive content and accountability, and much more.

    The Real World App

    You will get access to The Real World app for the ultimate learning experience.

    You can now learn and make money directly from you mobile phone and laptop.

    The Real World Portal

    The Real World Portal

    To access The Real World Portal and break free from the Matrix worldwide you can click here.

    The Real World is a global community of over 350,000 active members growing daily, achieving financial freedom with modern wealth creation.

    It depends on how seriously you take The Real World program.

    But many students made their money back in a couple of weeks.

    It is up to each student to implement and do the work.

    Not really.

    ‍Once inside The Real World, many of the students chose copywriting and freelancing, which are businesses without money requirements, and saw great success.

    No, but we encourage anyone under the age of 18 to consult a parent or guardian before signing up for TRW.

    Instead of getting the newest videogames just to find them boring in a week, you can join our community, start your business and shock your friends and family by becoming the kid who’s leveling up in real life.

    The Real World is suitable for any person, regardless of gender, who aspire to learn.

    TRW has a very large female membership base and have made some of our greatest success stories.

    The trainings are designed for rapid execution.

    So all you need is a minimum of 30 minutes a day to listen to your professors and apply what you’ve learned.

    Not at all.

    Inside The Real World, you learn how to make money, so it doesn’t matter where you are.

    Your location will only change the currency of your earnings.

    Final Thoughts

    Real freedom means having the ability to do what you like, when you like, and where you like.

    Inside Andrew Tate’s The Real World, you learn to earn money online, giving you the freedom to make money from any location in the real world.

    No matter if you’re at home, relaxing on the beach, or enjoying a vacation, as long as you’re connected to the internet, you have the opportunity to earn money.

    The Real World professors are well-versed in the business models they teach. They understand the essentials of profitability and are quick to adopt and apply new groundbreaking technologies and strategies as they emerge.

    The Real World is a comprehensive learning platform that takes you from your initial online earnings to growing a business worth millions.

    It’s the best place available to learn about making money online.



    You need to act now.
    $ 49.99
    • Simple-step-by-step tutorials
    • 19 wealth creation methods
    • Access to millionaire mentors
    • Community chat groups
    • No experience
    • Custom-made learning app
    • Cancel anytime, risk-free
    • $49.99/month forever